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A unique approach to the study of a major historical event...


            No Right To Win is a unique approach to the study of a major historical event.  It virtually places the reader in attendance at a major gathering of Battle of Midway veterans—a veterans’ seminar that never ends.  The experience is almost like engaging in conversation with the men of Midway themselves, resulting in a great deal of fresh, interesting information about the most important sea battle of the twentieth century...and especially about those who fought and won it.”


—Vice Admiral William D. Houser, USN (Retired), Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air Warfare), 1972-1976


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A milestone in Midway history...


            No Right To Win represents not only a milestone in Midway history, but naval historiography as well.  The access of World War II veterans, students, and enthusiasts to one another on the Internet affords a case study in how history is being preserved in the information age.  Altogether an absorbing study!”


Barrett Tillman, author of Clash of the Carriers, Whirlwind, and Enterprise.


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An invaluable asset to history...


            “This is a brilliant book that straightens out wrong perspectives and improper conclusions.  It is an invaluable asset to history.”


—Dr. Stephan D. Regan, author of In Bitter Tempest: the Biography of Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher


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The story behind the story...


            “For a decade the Battle of Midway Roundtable has delved deeply into the pivotal 1942 naval action that set the United States on the path to victory in the war against Japan.  Actual participants of the battle, relating their experiences and sharing their special expertise, interact in a unique way in this popular Internet forum with historians, enthusiasts, and each other to the great benefit of preserving history.  In his excellent and entertaining new book No Right to Win: a Continuing Dialogue with Veterans of the Battle of Midway, Ronald Russell has distilled the very best of the exchanges in the Midway Roundtable that he moderates.  By examining key facets of the battle and testing controversial theories, he reveals many hitherto unknown facts, offers incisive insights into its many complex aspects and mysteries, and also tells the “story behind the story.”  No Right to Win will appeal not only to Midway specialists but to all readers who want to know more about one of the most important and dramatic battles in world history.”


John B. Lundstrom, author of The First Team, The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign, and Black Shoe Carrier Admiral: Frank Jack Fletcher at Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal



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Unsolicited comments from readers:


“I consider No Right to Win one of the best resources available regarding the BOM.  There is no substitute for first person recollection and analysis by people who were there, in their own words.”  --Virginia Parks, Cultural Resources Team, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (present-day owner/administrator of Midway Atoll)


“Your book has to be in every set of books listed as the best books on the Battle of Midway.”  --Edmundo Cecilio (Brazil)


"You certainly have selected the best of the best from our vets."  --Fred Branyan


"No Right to Win is a great read!"  --Al Charlevois


"No Right to Win is an essential addition to anyone's Pacific War library."  --Matt Clark


"No other book about the Battle of Midway has ever been so rooted in such extensive eyewitness accounts and actual statements of the men who were there."  --Paul Corio


"A real page turner."  --Richard Epps (Battle of Midway veteran)


"I'm on my second reading of No Right To Win.  This is history at its finest.  It brings the spirit of the war era alive, especially for those of us who did not experience it first hand."  --Paulette Gore


"Your book is fantastic and even better than I had hoped."  --John Greaves (Canada)


"It was worth the cover price just for the concise synopsis of the battle, to say nothing of Ron Russell's incisive comments on historical revisionism.  Anyone who wishes to understand what happened at and near Midway during those fateful days would be well advised to read it." --Scott Kair


"What a great book!  A fine achievement!"  --Alvin Kernan (Battle of Midway veteran)


“A great book!  It’s hard to put down.”  --Lt. Cdr. Richard LeBron, USN


"I just received your book from Barnes and Noble.  Wow, what a super job!"  --Robert Morgan


"Kudos on your book.  This work stands alone on the subject of Midway."  --William Reece


"Has first person commentary and details not published in other books about Midway.  A must read."  --William Roy (Battle of Midway veteran)


"Once I started reading it I just couldn't stop."  --Frederick Seitz


The personal accounts that are the basis for this book really make it shine.  Outstanding!”  --Sam Silberstein


“It's one of the most engrossing books I've read.”  --Hamilton Richards





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