This is our roster of Battle of Midway veterans who, over a period of many years, contributed their first-hand knowledge of the battle to the Roundtable.  Each is shown with his rank or rate and assignment on 4 June 1942.


            The generous and active participation of these honored veterans in our organization is acknowledged with profound and enduring appreciation.



ADY, Howard:   LT, PBY pilot, VP-23, Midway Atoll

ANDERSON, Earl E.:  CAPT, USMC, USS Yorktown (CV-5)

ANDERSON, Edward R.:   RM3, R/G, VB-6, USS Enterprise (CV-6)

ARCHER, Theodore R.:  AMM1c, J2F plane captain, USS Hornet (CV-8)      


BERNSTEIN, George:   Sea1c, VT-8, USS Hornet (CV-8)

BOULIER, Kenneth A.:   Y1c, Communications Intelligence Unit, Melbourne      

BOUTERSE, Matthew:   LTjg (CHC), USS Astoria (CA-34)

BROWN, Richard:   RM2c, CTF17 staff, USS Yorktown (CV-5)

BURKEY, Gale:   ENS, PBY copilot, VP-23, Midway Atoll        


CHEEK, Tom:   WO, F4F pilot, VF-3, USS Yorktown (CV-5)             

CHILDERS, Lloyd:   ARM3c, VT-3 R/G, USS Yorktown (CV-5)

COTTON, Bernard:   FC2c, MK37 director, USS Hornet (CV-8)       

COTTON, Francis X. "FX":   AOM1c, VT-8, USS Hornet (CV-8)       

CRISMAN, Bryan:   ENS, Disbursing Officer, USS Yorktown (CV-5)


DAVIS, Douglas:   LTjg, VP-24, Midway Atoll      

DAWSON, Harry B:   Sea1/c, VB-8, USS Hornet (CV-8)

DELCHAMPS, Newton "Del":   AOM3c, USS Yorktown (CV-5)

DELORENZO, Frank L. “DeLo”:  PB2Y Coronado pilot, Midway Atoll      

DRAKE, Donald:   PFC, 6th MarDefBn, Midway Atoll

DYER, Fred:   ARM1c, SOC R/G, USS Portland (CA-33)      


EASON, Joseph:   EM1c, USS Tamaha (YNT-12), Midway Atoll      

EARNEST, Albert K. (Bert):   ENS, VT-8 TBF Detachment, Midway Atoll          

EICHORN, Raymond "Jerry":   PO1c, ship's baker, USS Yorktown (CV-5)      

EPPS, Richard:   RM3c, USS Aylwin (DD-355)      


FERRIER, Harry H.:   RM3c, R/G, VT-8 TBF Detachment, Midway Atoll

FISHER, Clayton:   ENS, SBD pilot, VB-8, USS Hornet (CV-8)      

FORBES, James:   ENS, SBD pilot, VS-8, USS Hornet (CV-8)      

FOX, Edgar:   PVT, 23rd Provisional Co., 6th MarDefBn, Midway Atoll


GARDNER, John:   PFC, 6th MarDefBn, Midway Atoll

GEE, Roy:   ENS, SBD pilot, VB-8, USS Hornet (CV-8)      

GRAETZ, Ronald:   ARM3c, VT-6 R/G, USS Enterprise (CV-6)

GRIST, Walter:   PFC, Engineering Section, VMSB-241, Midway Atoll      


HANCOCK, JOHN W.:   Sea2c, 2nd Div., USS Yorktown (CV-5)

HARVILLE, EWRIGHTSON “HARV”:  Sea2c, 2nd Div., USS Yorktown (CV-5)

HENDRICK, Robert E.:   CPL, 6th MarDefBn, Midway Atoll      

HODGES, Julian E.:   F3c, “B” Division, USS Yorktown (CV-5)

HOPKINS, Lewis A.:   ENS, SBD pilot, VB-6, USS Enterprise (CV-6)      

HORNE, Philip:   ENS, SOC pilot, USS New Orleans (CA-32)

HOUSER, William:   ENS, USS Nashville (CL-43) (Aleutians defense task force)

HOWARD, William L.:   Sea2c, 1st Div., USS Yorktown (CV-5)


JACOBSEN, Philip:   RM3c, Japanese intercept operator, Station H, Wahiawa, Hawaii      

JONES, Elmer:   F1c, USS Hammann (DD-412)


KAIT, Hart:   LT, Gunnery Officer, USS Monaghan (DD-354)             

KASEBERG, Willis D. (Dan):   Y3c, VT-3, USS Yorktown (CV-5)       

KELLEJIAN, John:   EM2c, "E" Division, USS Enterprise (CV-6)

KERNAN, Alvin: AOM3c, VT-6, USS Enterprise (CV-6)

KIGHT, Otis:   Sea1c, VF-42, USS Yorktown (CV-5)

KLEISS, Norman J. “Dusty”:   LTjg, SBD pilot, VS-6, USS Enterprise (CV-6)


LASER, Sam:   Y2c, 6th Division, USS Yorktown (CV-5)      

LEONARD, William F.:   LTjg, XO, VF-3/VF-42, USS Yorktown (CV-5)      

LINZEY, Stanford:   Mus1c, USS Yorktown (CV-5)      

LUCIUS, William:   WO, MAG-22 quartermaster, Midway Atoll      


McDOUGAL, L. Donald:   PVT, 22nd Provisional Co., 6th MarDefBn, Midway Atoll

MINICLIER, John:   PFC, 6th MarDefBn, Midway Atoll

MARONA, G. L. (Lee):   AMM3c, VT-8, USS Hornet


NEWBERG, Peter:   EM3c, USS Yorktown (CV-5)


PRIOR, Raymond H.:   CPL, 6th MarDefBn, Midway Atoll      

PUTNAM, Miles A.:  AM1c, USS Yorktown (CV-5)


QUAM, Ellsworth "Bud":   F1c, "E" Division, USS Yorktown (CV-5)


ROY, William:   PhoM2c, USS Yorktown (CV-5)


SHOWERS, Donald M. "Mac":   ENS, Combat Intelligence Unit, Hawaii

SOBEL, Alvin:   ARM1c, VS-5 R/G, USS Yorktown (CV-5)

SPRINGER, Will:   AMM3c, USS Enterprise (CV-6)

SURGI, William:   AMM3c, VF-42, USS Yorktown (CV-5)         

SWAN, Robert:   ENS, PBY pilot/navigator, VP-44, Midway Atoll      


THOMPSON, Francis L. “Tommy”:   1st Musician, USS Yorktown (CV-5)         

TREMBLAY, William:   Y2c, Communications Intelligence Unit, Melbourne


VINCENT, Harry L., Jr.:   ENS, Radio Officer, USS Vincennes (CA-44)


WALKINSHAW, David:   ENS, PBY pilot, VP-91, Kauai, Hawaii      

WILHELM, Ralph:   LTjg, SOC pilot, USS Portland (CA-33)

WOODSON, Richard:   ARM2c, VS-8 R/G, USS Hornet (CV-8)        


YOUNG, Richard O.:   seaman, USS Worden (DD-352)



Note:  Sobel and Springer passed away during the earliest years of the Roundtable.  No Obituary information was found in the archives.





3c, 2c, 1c: Third Class, Second Class, First Class

AMM:  Aviation Machinist’s Mate

AOM:   Aviation Ordnanceman

ARM:   Aviation Radioman

CAPT:  Captain

CHC:   Chaplain Corps

CPL:  Corporal

EM:   Electrician's Mate

ENS:   Ensign

F4F:   Wildcat fighter

FC:   Fire Controlman (gunfire control director)

F:   Fireman; non-rated sailor assigned to an engineering or hull department

LT:   Lieutenant

LTjg:   Lieutenant Junior Grade

MACH:   Machinist (Warrant Officer)

MAG:   Marine Air Group

MarDefBn:   Marine Defense Battalion

Mus:   Musician

PBY:  Catalina patrol bomber

PFC:  Private First Class

PhoM:   Photographer's Mate

PBY:   Catalina seaplane

PO:   petty officer

PVT:  Private (Marine Corps)

R/G:   Radioman/Gunner

RM:   Radioman

SBD:   Dauntless dive-bomber

Sea:   Seaman; non-rated sailor in a deck, air, operations, (etc.) department

SOC:   Curtiss observation scout aircraft (on board cruisers)

VB:   Bombing Squadron

VF:   Fighter Squadron

VMSB:   Marine Scouting/Bombing Squadron

VP:   Patrol Squadron

VS:   Scouting Squadron

VT:   Torpedo Squadron

WO:   Warrant Officer

XO:   Executive Officer

Y1c, -2c, -3c:   Yeoman (ship or squadron clerk)


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