The Battle of Midway RoundTable

Veterans of the Battle of Midway Personal Accounts

There are many veterans of the Battle of Midway that have written personal accounts of their experiences.  Many have remained unpublished or if they have been published may not be very well known.  With this page I am in the process of locating as many personal accounts as I can find and provide links to those web pages that contain the stories.  Some of these will be on our web site as we do have a number of stories from our members about their experiences.  You can find them here in our RoundTable Vets Stories .  Others will be from other web sites that may or may not be from our members.  And finally there will be some published here on the RoundTable from Veterans that were never members but still have an important story to tell not only about the Battle itself but in many cases what they did after the battle.  Many went on to have storied careers and contributed mightily to our eventual defeat of Japan.

Here are their stories.