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U.S. Personnel Killed or Wounded at Midway


(Updated 7 June 2012)






We have two comprehensive sources of information on American battle casualties in the BOM.  The first was provided by Shattered Sword co-author Jon Parshall, and consists of a listing developed by Japanese researcher Hisae Sawachi in 1986.  The list is in PDF format, and you can open from the link below.


Sawachi’s list contains a mixture of Japanese and English text, so here’s a guide on reading the data.  Note the following example, with Japanese characters represented by #:


Waldron, John C.     LCDR     ###   ###     21 # 11 #     41 # 9 #


The underlined Japanese characters above indicate the individual’s squadron.  If he was not a pilot or aircrewman, you’ll see an “x” there.  Continuing along the line, Waldron had 21 years and 11 months of service, and was 41 years and 9 months old when he died.


Here are the contents of the PDF file by page number:


1 – 3               USS Yorktown

4 – 5               USS Hornet  (includes TBF detachment on Midway)

6 – 7               USS Enterprise

7 – 9               USS Hammann

10                    USS Benham

10 – 11           Navy personnel, Midway

11 – 12           Marines, Midway

13                    Marines, USS Hornet  (Dan Sheedy crash)

13 – 15           AAF  (includes Gen. Tinker’s flight on June 7th)


CLICK HERE for the Sawachi list.




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The second resource may be even more comprehensive list than the one above, but it’s not available for on-line publishing.  We can still make use of it, though.  If anyone has a question about a known or possible casualty at Midway that’s not answered in the Sawachi list, send an e-mail inquiry to and you’ll get a reply based on all the info that we have from any source.





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