The Battle of Midway Roundtable

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This page contains links to photos or other documents cited in The Roundtable Forum.   Click the numbered link below, as cited in the Forum, in order to view the image or document.

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Link 01           USS Hornet BOM flight deck photo

Link 02           The Last Flight of Ensign C. Markland Kelly, Jr., USNR

Link 03           Dave Gray's painting of LT(jg) Kleiss and 6-S-7 over the Kaga.

Link 04           "Koga's Zero" recovered in the Aleutians

Link 05           Admiral Nimitz and the Initial Placement of U.S. Carriers at Midway

Link 06           Closing the Book: Admiral Fletcher at Midway

Link 07           RADM Spruanceā€™s Officer Fitness Report, by RADM Fletcher

Link 08           Contact reports from U.S. carrier air groups, 4 June 1942

Link 09           Midway Atoll War Bulletin #3

Link 10           Why Japan Lost the Battle of Midway

Link 11           Movie producer John Ford with Marines on Midway

Link 12           Early Intel on the Zero, by Rich Leonard

Link 13           IJNS Akagi, detailed color drawings

Link 14           VT-8 departing USS Hornet

Link 15           24 U.S. Navy photos from the battle

Link 16           Remembering Clay Fisher

Link 17           Remembering Mac Showers


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