Charge of the Devastators Movie Project.

Paul Corio has written a screen play about the three Torpedo Squadrons at Midway.  He has set up several funding projects that will help get the project off the ground.  You might check out his funding sites and if motivated donate a sum of your choosing to help get this story told.  The movie 'Midway' did an okay job telling the story although there were far too many mistakes to give it anything more than a passing grade if that.  Little attention was given to the sacrifice of the Torpedo Squadrons let alone any real story of the true hero's of the battle.

With some luck maybe at least one part of the battle will be told in detail and with a degree of accuracy that represents the true story.  The following are links to his funding sites.  There you can read some of the story and get a feel for the work.

Some of our members of the Roundtable have endorsed the project and their comments are at the bottom of the Indiegogo page.  You can read them on the site.




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